Friday, August 26, 2011

In Loving Remembrance

John and I both wanted to find a special way to commemorate our grandparents who, although they have passed on to the next life, are still very much alive in our hearts and cherished in our memories. My John is a very sweet and sensitive man. It is one of the very things I love most about him. He came up with a beyond wonderful way of commemorating our dear ones. He suggested that we pick one item that would represent each of our grandparents and place it on the unity candle table. 
               {amber nicole photo}
                                                                                                 {amber nicole photo}
As we symbolically joined our lives together, it would be like they were there watching, too.
                                 {amber nicole photo}
One of his grandpa's fedoras to represent the man who taught him how to be a gentleman. 
One of my grandfather's Bibles to commemorate the preacher and patriarch of my mother's family. For his grandmother, one of her strands of pearls to represent the lovely, giving woman that she was. 

                                                                                                                    {amber nicole photo}   
To end our candle lighting ceremony, we decided to also honor each of our mothers with a gift to thank them for all they have imparted to us. (To read more about what's inside the boxes, hop on over here).  

John and I are thankful for the rich and valuable heritage we have been given. Not so much a richness of monetary value, but of depth, of love, and of wisdom.


Thank you to everyone who so kindly wished us a speedy recovery. After two days of ick, we are both doing much better today and are ready to enjoy this weekend.

 Hope you all have a delightful weekend!