Thursday, August 18, 2011


Blueberry muffins in oh-so-cute baking cups. 

Not much going on here today. Helped Mimsie unload literally thousands of pounds of food at the food pantry she heads for our church. Tuckered us out, but for a worthy cause so its a good tired. Heading back to school tomorrow. First day for teachers. 
Kiddos come back next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Have a happy day!


  1. Aurora, yum! So nice to meet you. My Mom tried to teach me how to bake and I just was not interested....Oh now I wish I had been!


  2. Oh yum. The baking cups really look so cute.

  3. adorable cups! those look so scrumptious! btw Good luck!


  4. Those baking cups are adorable and make those muffins extra special. I work for the Superintendent of the American school my kids attend so I started back to school this past Sunday. One week under my belt already. My how the time does fly. Students don't start back until September 5th, after the Eid holiday. Hope your days go smoothly. best wishes, Tammy

  5. Hello there :) I just wanted to thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Thanks for popping by :) these muffins look extra scrummy!! I'm off to have a read now :)

    Jo x

  6. These look too good to eat, thank you for following me! xx

  7. Ooh, delicious! What a productive day you had.

    Nicki x

  8. Oh beautiful muffins & i love the cases.
    Lovely to hear of people running great causes at their church, i do a thrift shop at ours every fri all the monies support an orphanage in mexico, so when you just don't feel like it the Lord reminds you who its for, He's so good!!!
    Have a sweet weekend Karen x

  9. Hope you had a fabulous first week back to school. We did! My last little lady headed off to kindergarden this year. Sad and happy! I will be missing our afternoons with just the two of us. Wishing you a fabulous school year. :)

  10. You could put anything in the wrappers and it would be delicious!! They are the cutest!

    Goodluck with class. I'm sure all the students will be angels :)

  11. Hii. Those muffins look so yummy. Thanks for your kind comment on my headband.


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