Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fair Treasures

 Vintage notions were available in full abundance this year...

 ... a fact that tickled my heart! 
(and apparently the cat's fancy, too, as it was terribly difficult to snag a picture 
of my findings without Lucy sneaking in a paw or a whisker)

 Vintage hankies - another collecting mania of mine. 

 Every year, Sharon Blythe's booth never fails to disappoint. One of her specialties is creating pillows from vintage fabrics. The pillow pictured above was fashioned from vintage aqua chenille and the embroidered remnants of an old dishtowel or pillowcase. The mauve crocheted dresser toppers were also from her fabulously fun booth. 

 I appreciate the attention to detail Sharon puts into her wares. Just look at the adorable fairy stamped onto the back of the price tag!

 These notions caught my eye in the back corner of another vendor's tent. I am considering stitching the cherry red buttons directly onto the blue bias tape. Wouldn't it make a great accent on a purse or an apron?


Hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall Sunday!