Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glimpses of the Country Living Fair 2011


As always, there are many beautiful reasons to visit the Country Living Fair. I got so many photos this year, that it will take me several posts to share all the wealth of beautiful shop links and inspiration... 
Quite a fun "problem" to have, huh? :-)

It is Mimsie and I's annual tradition to visit this wonderful mecca of vintage and handmade goods. Our 5th trip to the Fair dawned on a brilliant September day that was neither too hot nor too cold. 
Mimsie was a smart planner this year and actually brought a piece of rolling luggage to make toting all our treasures that much easier. The day went by all too fast, but was a pure pleasure from beginning to end. Spending a day with Mimsie is always the epitome of fun, but to spend one with her at the historic Ohio Village landscaped with a host 
of mesmerizing goodies? Priceless!

With miles of beautiful wares as far as the eye could see, we both returned home happily tuckered out bolstered by the awesome deals. I look forward to sharing them with you in future posts. 
Right now, the dinner bell is calling my name, so I shall continue this happy diatribe later.

Till then, happy thrifting!