Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornaments I Fancy

Even though the blue one looks vintage, it is actually a gift from my Gramikins purchased last year at Meijer. This lovely bell came from a collection of vintage ornaments John's dad presented to us the day after Thanksgiving.

 Another ornament from the box John's dad gave us. There was nearly a whole set of these. There were blue and silver ones, kelly green and silver. One was even pink and yellow!


This circa 1960's wreath shimmers and shines merrily in the light. The sparkly church was just a cheap find from Walmart after Christmas last year, but it turned out to be one of the stars of our tree. Go figure.

After all our worries that our first tree together would be a bare Charlie Brown sort of thing, we realized that between my crafting, after Christmas finds from last year, and our family's generous supplies, we have a tree that is more than filled with bits and baubles to delight the eyes and tickle the heart. We are truly blessed to all ready have so many memories together and so many family heirlooms to make our tree uniquely ours. 

Merry Christmas!