Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bits n Bobs that are adding gratefulness to my day

This pillow from the Country Living Fair 2011. Reminds me of a lovely day spent with Mimsie soaking up the sun and good deals.
 Peppermint Fudge deliciously handmade by a dear saint in our church.

Pretty spoon handle that hubby sweetly and uncomplainingly installed 
on our kitchen cabinets for me.

 My Japanese lantern from Epcot 2006. 
The lacy parasol was from my wedding this past July.

 My very own miniature Gog and Magog purchased in June 2004 from the gift shop in one of Lucy Maud Montgomery's childhood homes on Prince Edward Island. The caretaker who gave us the tour actually let me hold one of the originals! It dated back to one of her seafaring relative's ocean voyages in the 1700's. 

 Handspun Amish yarn wound about vintage wool spools. 
Markers creating a lovely bouquet of color on my craft desk.

Glitter shining out of corked bottles.
Stacks of vintage silk thread on wooden bobbins in their original boxes. 

Everywhere I look I see another happy memory. They may seem like small, simple things, but in my eyes they are the treasures that make up my life. I am so grateful to have so many beautiful people in my life with whom I can make a myriad of precious memories. 

May your times with loved ones shine like bright memory jewels for years to come!


  1. I think those visual tokens of joyful moments carry us through our everyday lives within our homes. For those objects I am very grateful as they often serve to sooth me.


  2. Lovely every day treasures. That bluebird pillow is so very sweet. And I love that spoon handle. I've never had peppermint fudge. Sounds divine. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  3. K, such lovely treasures! I especially love the doggies. Hope you had a great week! :)


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