Friday, March 2, 2012

Yarn, Yarn, Everywhere!

I have this lovely yarn organizer. It is one of the old glass sheet displays from JCPenney's stores. It is about 3 and half feet tall and 3 feet square. Each side has 12 glorious cubbies. All 24 of which are currently overflowing with yarn! 
Yes. I admit it. I have a yarn problem. So... here before all you fine folks, I am dedicating this year as the year of no yarn buying. I am going to solely rely on projects that will help deplete my stack. That way, 2013 can be the year of the yarn shopping spree. ;-) 
Although, I currently have so much yarn that it may have to be 2014 before I buy any more! Guess I should not complain really. Saves me a ton of time and trouble and money. Some of this yarn was bequeathed to me and most of it bought at bargain sales. So why complain? It is a very happy problem to have too much yarn. Oh, the possibilities!

May many happy possibilities tickle your fancy today!