Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is that a Lucy Cat I see?

Why, yes! I do believe it is! 

Our furry baby loves to be cuddled and snuggled by her mommy and daddy, but we thought we would be pushing our luck when we enveloped her in this sleep sack. At first, she squirmed, but then she popped her two front paws out and threw herself back in her daddy's arms for a royal belly rubbing. Isn't she just adorable? Maybe mommy will have to crochet her one of her own someday soon....

 I have recently begun trying my hand at crocheting baby cocoons (aka sleep sacks). Since this past June, I have had 23 friends and family who have had or announced they are having a baby. Normally, there are only 2 or 3 babies being born in any given year, thus my long-time tradition of crocheting an afghan for each new little life was never in danger of extinction. With this bumper crop of babies, though, I knew I had to find some new and quicker patterns to make! 

There has been some trial and error. Not all cocoon patterns are equal. I tried 3 different ones before I found the one above. I have decided to stick with using it, but just vary the yarns and embellishments from now on. Nothing is as disheartening as tired fingers yanking out nearly a whole skein of yarn after your stubborn brain finally admits the pattern is not working up the way it should. 

One of the features that first drew me to this particular pattern was the little cowl top, but I have yet to attempt that part of the pattern. (Guess those 3 previous errors are still messing with my head).  For now, I simply crochet the pattern until it is the length and width I want finishing it off rather than stitching the cowl. If you should try the full pattern, let me know how it works out for you. Maybe I will brave up and try it, too. 

This particular baby pod was made for a new little guy named Teyton. As I finished weaving in the last yarn tail, Hubby queried, "So does that make this a Tater Sack?" 
Good thing we both have a corny sense of humor.

Till next time,

P.S. I fully laundered the baby sack before gifting it to the actual baby for whom it was intended. Lucy was barely in it for 2 minutes ;-)