Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peacock Prayer Shawl

This shawl is the loving work of roughly fifty pairs of hands ranging in age from third graders to the soon-to-retire. 

A co-worker found out over this past Christmas break that she has breast cancer. She has been off work since early January fighting a valiant battle. So far, treatments are going well. This co-worker is a type-A kinda gal like myself and being stuck in bed so much is really starting to drive her buggy. We all wanted to show this special individual how much we care in a personal way, but were not sure how. One day, our special education team supervisor approached me with a plan. Why not make our comrade a prayer shawl? 

Crochet?? At work??? Teach my co-workers and students???? I did not have to be asked twice. I could think of no better way to bring comfort and support to our friend. 

Oh, to have had my camera on hand as each of my third and fourth grade students carefully placed their stitches. The hook wobbling in and out of the fluffy yarn as it was guided by unsteady hands. The at first self-conscious giggles of trying a new task before peers slowly transforming into proud grins of accomplishment. So much love and joy was put into this endeavor. 

My fellow special education team members all took turns adding several rows over a weekend or while we gathered round the table at one of our weekly team meetings. Last Sunday afternoon afforded me the sweet task of adding a scallop edging all around the soft, rectangular form.

This project was truly a collaboration of love. 

Sending best wishes and prayers for a full recovery 
to a missed co-worker!