Monday, March 12, 2012

The Purple Lovelies

"Monday, monday.... so good to me." 
The beginning of another work week is upon us. Spring seems to be settled over Ohio unusually early this year. We had the warmest winter in our history. Never a proper snowstorm. Didn't even use half of our five snow days! That is unheard of! We normally have make up days due to heavy masses of snow. The whirling white wonders of winter were sorely missed by me this year. Now that I have finally given in to the idea that there really will be no more chance of a snow day this year, I am starting to enjoy the sunshine and 60-70 degree weather. The windows are open and fresh breezes are filling the house with the lively scent of an awakening earth. 

The crocheted flowers pictured above were made in Lion Brand's Cupcake yarn. I can no longer find their Cupcake line around here which saddens me. It is so crinkly cute and light weight. Whipped together like a dream. I do promise to post the super simple pattern soon, but must say ta ta for now!

Happy Monday!