Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Promised Pattern

 I cannot claim this pattern to be original to me. I saw a variation on it years ago and just started making them in varying sizes whenever I was bored and had a bit of yarn scrap. Depending on the yarn weight, crochet hook, and number of stitches chosen, this pattern can look vastly different.I used a light, sport weight yarn and an F hook for this project.

First I am going to start with the teeny flower pattern:

Single crochet five times into a magic ring or a chained circlet of 3 depending on your preference.

Join with slip stitch to the top of first Single Crochet.

Chain 3 then slip stitch back into the top of the single crochet at the base of the chain.

Continue making Chain 3 loops until you have five or six evenly spaced all the way around the tops of the single crochets.

When you reach the first Chain 3 loop, slip stitch behind it and begin making Chain 5 loops in all the same stitches as before, but this time from behind the Chain 3 loops.This makes your flower fuller and fluffier. 

To make the large posie simply follow the same directions as above, but increase the number of single crochets in the ring to 9 and the chain loops to a series of 7 chains for the front loops and 9 chains for the back loops. Hope you enjoy using this versatile pattern for your leftover yarn bits. Finished posies can be turned into brooches, embellishments, gift toppers, garland, and so much more.

Happy Crocheting!