Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The View

The earth has diligently washed its face of the muddy puddles and brown grasses it has hidden beneath for the better part of this warm winter. Purple crocuses are peeping up here and there among the greening blades of grass. As I am only into my eighth month of life here in the happy home I now share with John, there are still new charms to surprise and delight me with each new month and season. Since last July, I have grown oddly fond of the simple morning ritual of pulling back the dining room curtain. The window overlooks our side porch and gives a diagonal view of the main road which is deliciously framed by a towering maple tree and (my best guess) a youngish yew. Every day holds some new treasure to behold from this lovely portal. Today, there is a brilliant shaft of light illuminating a verdant patch of grass between the two. On snowy, blowy days, the maple gets a spattering of snow on the right side of its trunks whilst the yew's evergreen branches bend closer to the ground weighted by tufts of fluffy snow. Last fall, the maple blazed in orange-fire brilliance in stark contrast to the dark mystery of its unchanging neighbor. Even though both trees reside on the property next door, I claim mental ownership over both of them. Nearly half of the yew's branches slope over to our porch rail, so I guess those particular branches technically belong to me anyway.

But enough of this dreamy reverie. I have some WIP's that are calling my name. 

Happy day to you, my dear friends!