Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lincoln's Cocoon Set

Yet another baby cocoon made, but this time with a small twist - the addition of a puppy dog hat! The hat actually came about when I had worked nearly a third of a skein of yarn and had to admit my defeat. The baby cocoon was a skinny cylinder that no baby was fitting in any time soon. Yikes! My heart grew sadder and sadder as I yanked out row after row. Thankfully, my mother was there to witness the event and wisely suggested making the last few rows the hat rather than considering it a total failure. Eureka!  

So then I went back to my tried and true cocoon pattern 
(you can read more about how I use this pattern here). The ears, spot, nose, and mouth on the hat were pretty much free form from a picture the expectant mommy had sent my way. Button eyes were the finishing touch. I considered adding a reverse single crochet (or crab stitch) around the rim of the hat, but quickly dismissed the idea. I wanted the hat to have plenty of stretch for longest use possible. I feared the neater, tighter edging of the reverse sc might make the hat too  restrictive too quickly for baby Lincoln.

A note to my dear blogging friends. I have been trying to post comments on your sites this evening, but am experience a severe case of a Blogger Bug. All my comments disappear without a hint that they have been received for moderation, etc... Also, my Preview button is accomplishing nothing. Not even an hour glass turning. I miss chatting with you all and hope Blogger is fully running for me again soon. 
In the meantime...

Happy Crocheting!


  1. This both colour combination is really too good. In this put on button eyes really wonderful. I excited for make it. I impressed by that.

  2. Hello Miss Blythe,

    I, too, have been experiencing the blogger bug when trying to comment on your site (you might have noticed from the last post).

    So I will try here and see how we go.

    I am so impressed with anyone that knits things 'freeform'. I am a rubbish knitter. I love your perseverance.
    Thank God for mums, eh?


  3. So cute.
    I have been trying to get the sizes right for baby hats, I've sort of got the circumferences right, just need the depths. I'm making baby beanies without a turn up on and without a baby to try them on its hard getting the right depth. What depth from top to bottom did you do for Lincolns hat.


  4. This is absolutely adorable!!! So sweet!! xo Heather

  5. What a stunning wee set! You're such a clever girl. I hope you get your technical difficulties sorted soon. It's so very frustrating isn't it.

    Have a lovely week hon.


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