Thursday, April 5, 2012

Organizing My Chaos

 Amazing how crafting notions can so quickly creep into 
tangled piles here, there, and everywhere.

As I sort and bundle in an effort to contain the burgeoning mess, I discover cheery spring colors are coming to the forefront of my decorating schemes. Happily, the restoration of balanced creativity is resuming its rightful place of honor in our home.

Yes, this spring break week is precisely the elixir I need to re-energize my flow of creativity. Meetings and late nights can tend to take it out of a body. But this week? I am spray painting furniture, airing out the house, going on day trips, and catching up with friends & family. Oh what a happy week! Precisely the refueling I needed in order to enjoy the remainder of this school year.
 (only 7 1/2 more weeks until 11 blissful weeks of summer break)


ric-rac & thread

 Scads of lovely inspiration to soak up and store up. The act of spring cleaning. Reorganizing my various crafting stashes is a calming even strengthening ritual for me. As the outward clutter regains order, the inward chaos quiets down as well. The things I need to do verses the things that can wait to be done become evident. Peace begins to fill my heart and soon after that joyful anticipation blossoms as the promise of summer comes closer and closer. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!


  1. Happy Easter!!!!!
    Hugs Crissi

  2. All of your notions are a feast for the eyes! Glad you are enjoying your week. :) I hope you have a very happy Easter!

    Laura :)

  3. What joy....such pretties to play with. Isn't it nice to have time to enjoy. Hugs for a wonderful Easter my friend. xoxoxo

  4. What a lovely post! You have inspired me to have a tidy up now! I am just about to paint my spare room/craft room and can't wait to find some new storage solutions!! I think I need to find some lovely old jars to pop all the wee bits and pieces in.

    Have a fabulous Easter hon.

  5. I need to be organized too. It gives me a sense of peace as well, so I know what you mean. I just moved from one part of California to another, and I am unpacking boxes and organizing myself. We have something in common right now. Happy Easter to you, my friend, and I hope you have a blessed day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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