Monday, May 21, 2012

The Going Away Party

 This past Saturday evening, John and I hosted my sister's going away party. In a mere 5 days' time, Jess will be driving 24 hours away to settle in North Dakota. It will be a wonderful adventure for her, but, goodness, will I miss her something fierce.

Owing to my scurrying around last minute, Jess took all these photos for me. What a dear! She knew I'd want to share the evening with my blogging friends ;-)

Since my lil sis shares my love of the color aqua, I was able to use the last of my plasticware rolls leftover from mine and John's wedding last July.  

This fantabulous acrylic tower was a freebie my dad picked up from a local department store. They were going to trash their old displays in order to make room for brand new models. My dad is a visionary and knew that one of the ladies in his family could surely put these pieces to good use, so he borrowed a truck and hauled several pieces away, thus saving them from being shattered and stuck in a landfill. Way to go, Dad!

 All in all, the evening turned out to be lovely. It was a long couple of days trying to get it to come together so smoothly, though, for we had a sewer pipe burst in our basement the Thursday before the Saturday fete. We were in a panic, informed the guests that the party had been moved to my parents' house, only to have our plumber come in and save the day Friday afternoon (we had thought he couldn't do the job til Saturday). It was beyond lovely to have running water once again restored to our home. We felt so destitute without it! Amazing how much we can take our modern conveniences for granted until they are no longer there. 

I look forward to spending every second of this coming week that I can enjoying special times with my sister before she moves away. 
(We are investing in a webcam ASAP in order to Skype). 
Looking forward to blogging more regularly soon. 

Until next time, may your days be full of sunshine and happiness!