Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Amazing Lionheart Project

Over a year agoI read an article  about Shauna Richardson and the crocheted art installation pieces she was working on for this year's summer Olympics. I remember reading how Richardson spent such long hours crocheting with rough wool that at the end of the day her hands were blistered. The only way she could relieve her discomfort was to plunge her hands into a bowl of ice water. Richardson repeated this ritual until eventually her hands calloused and she was able to continue her art without as much pain. 

Being an avid crocheter myself, I naturally took a great interest in this fascinating endeavor. Curious as to whether or not she had finished on time (the article had stated her concern with being done by schedule), I was delighted to discover Richardson's London 2012 feature The Amazing Lionheart Project is now proudly finished and currently on display in Chatsworth, England. Follow the link here to see pictures of Shauna Richardson's incredible creation

Wishing you a happily inspired day!