Saturday, June 16, 2012

B&B's Wedding!

 Hard to believe my sister-in-law's long-anticipated wedding has now come and gone.  The day smiled all bright and sunshiny - 
the perfect blessing for starting a life together.

 Niece Ozzy took her job quite seriously 
and was a most winsome little princess. 
(The flowers I crocheted for the skirts sort of disappeared into the billowy folds of tulle. 
You can see them on the headbands most clearly).

Each attendant wore a tea-length gown with a fitted bodice and flared skirt which was misted with a gentle splash of sequence bubbling up from the hem. The sherbet hues contrasted nicely with the white gloves and bright bouquets (Becky handmade each bouquet herself!). I loved how she added a 1950's touch to her very modern wedding.

Sealed with Kiss!

 Now let's head in to the reception to celebrate this sweet start!

Becky created her own candy bar station which perfectly played off the cotton candy hues of the wedding. 
No, that's not a misspelling on the candy boxes. 
Becky came up with the perfect play-on-words for her new name.

Becky handcrafted a unique guest book by scrap-booking 
their love story right into each page!

 This vintage suitcase honored the grandparents, aunts, and uncles who were with us in spirit on this day. 

 My sis-in-law and her husband are both very creative and worked together to scrapbook a tri-fold wedding program. (He even hand cut their names on the front!) Then, they made color copies of their 3-D masterpiece thus mass producing their art work while still keeping the depth and dimension of the original program. How cool is that?

Cheery flower pots in a rainbow of pastels were scattered down each table at the reception.

 Look how grown up my oldest niece is getting! We both had fun helping set up the candy station together the day before the wedding. It was wonderful to discover that she has inherited the family sense of humor and is blossoming into a genuinely caring and yet very outgoing and creative young lady. 

Niece Ellie is a dear. While not normally into playing dress up instead preferring a more rough and tumble routine, she really got into her role as flower girl. Just look at those big, beautiful eyes! 

 Littlest niece Alice's favorite part of the day was delving into the treasures of the candy bar station! She is still young enough to enjoy cuddles, hugs, and lots of oohing and ahhing over her pretty little self. John and I kept her with us to help minimize the chaos of the reception for her parents which was a very great treat for us both. 

So many happy memories were made on this beautiful day. It was an honor getting to see Becky's vision for her big day come to fruition. 

Congratulations to a very special couple!