Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chair Redo

            Ta-DAH!                                  Ho-hum

Before attempting this project, I had been assured by several home improvement shows and websites that this type of thing is a cinch. I was skeptical at first, but it really was ridiculously easy to recover this chair. My dad's staple gun made make it go super fast. I was also glad to have Mimsie's extra set of hands helping keep the stretched fabric taut  as an added measure against wrinkles when I stapled. 

 The original wood was not terrible. In fact, it had some lovely grain patterning to it. However, there were lots of nicks and chips. In addition the wear and tear on the wood, the faded, mauve fabric was smokey and stained which meant it had to go for sure.

 I had never used the high gloss Rustoleum before, but it went on supremely smooth with a super sturdy finish. I am now planning to paint all my remaining dining room chairs to match. The green is more sedate than the typical bright apple green, so it works well with my chocolate brown and gold dining room. (It is pictured above in Mimsie's craft room. I had taken the chair to her house to use Dad's tools). 

Well, I'm off to tackle more improvement projects. 
Hope you all have a lovely day, my friends!