Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dresserscarf Pillow

 See this pillow? 
Looks like a lot of time and effort went into 
embroidery, crocheting and sewing, right? 

 Well, I created a short cut. 
While shopping at my local antique store, I ducked into one of my favorite booths ever. It is run by a fabulous vintage linens dealer. 
From her delightful corner of the store, I retrieved a sweet dresser scarf - all ready embroidered & all ready edged with crocheted lace. 

The only work I had to do was:

1 -  fold it in half and pin it in place
2 - run it through the sewing machine (leaving about a 2 inch gap undone)
3 - stuff it with fiberfill (a crochet hook helped stuff it evenly into every corner)
4 - quickly stitched the last two inches closed

A sweet little pillow in 15 minutes or less.
Now I want to go find more dresser scarves!


  1. Wow, I cannot believe how quick and easy that pillow was to put together, it looks great, congrats!

  2. Now that's my kinda pillow. So pretty! Great idea! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. The pillow case looks very pretty. You have done a nice job.

  4. This is such a great idea!! So creative and talented you are!! I will definitely be trying this! xo Heather

  5. Darling pillow and quick to make! A friend of mine made one for me with roses on it and I keep it on the back of the sofa at my farm cottage. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely. Don't tell many people that you didn't all all of the pretty work yourself!!

  7. Cute pillow ! love fast and easy projects !

  8. This is so sweet! What a great idea!


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