Monday, August 8, 2011

And the winner is....

Congratulations, Lovestitch! And a huge thank you to all the lovely people who entered and/or became a follower of my humble blog. This giveaway was such a pleasure to host! (And though he may not openly admit it, I think hubby enjoyed getting to draw the winning name!) 
I got to meet  many wonderful new blogging friends. This giveaway was so delightful, I think I shall have to have another in the near future. Perhaps one per season of the year. This was summer's giveaway. Stay tuned to see what fall has in store. ;-)

In other news, I have been feverishly working on a baby blanket for my cousin's first child due this September. Confession: I love making squares, but detest joining them. Yes, it is rewarding to see all the rows lining up and taking on a blanketly form... But weaving in all those ends! Lordy, lordy!
Good news is I am nearly ready to do the border and move on to a new and exciting project. 

 Recently discovered this yum-yum-yummy tea. I was rummaging around in my basket of odds n ends tea the other day when this one and only package popped into my hand. It's a mystery to me where it came from, but I must find more!

There is not much of a garden for me this year owing to the fact that the move zapped nearly all my energy. Organizing a new home is quite a large task. However, I did happen to add some smile spots along the way. The wooden spoons were hand painted on an afternoon lark with two of my young cousins. The birdie home was snatched up for just 50 cents in a clearance bin. It is nice to have at least a corner of cheeriness in my otherwise bare backyard. 

Hope this week is full of unexpected delights for you!