Friday, August 5, 2011

My First Giveaway!

Welcome to my first ever blog giveaway! I am so excited to be offering these lovely items to one lucky winner. 

Entries will be accepted starting today through Sunday, August 7th. My hubby will pick the random number with me on Monday morning.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this entry telling me how you might use these crafty bits should you win. 

You can enter a second time by becoming a follower of Aurora Blythe. Just be sure to leave me a second comment notifying me that you became a follower. Current followers are encouraged to leave 
a second comment, too.

Entries are open to international bloggers as well. :-)

 The items are all packaged up and waiting to be sent out to a very special someone (who could be you).

Wishing each of you a happy & relaxing weekend!


P.S. In case you are wondering about some of the items, 
here is a description of each:

3 stamped felt circles
1 vintage handkerchief
1 pansy flower pin hand-crocheted by me
1 sheet of four, layered, scrapbook stickers
1 mini idea notebook
1 white butterfly with clip
1 fuzzy purple zippered carrying case with handle


  1. 2. I love your giveaway, it's really lovely! I have many ideas to use those stuff, some of them maybe an embellishment for a special gift I'm making for my dear friend. She must love it so! The fuzzy case can be a house for my makeup stuff,... wow, sounds exciting!
    Thank you so much and please count me in, but I will try not to hope too much not to be disappointed, as I've never won any giveaway before! :)
    Happy day to you too! xoxo

  2. Hi Krishana, boy am i glad i followed your link and became a follower! What a lovely blog! I think your brooches are great too..

  3. Oh! I forgot to say how I would use the gift items..
    The hanky I would keep because I love a nice hanky. The others would be great attached to a gift, or given as a gift for someone special. The pretty colored shapes would look lovely in a scrapbook and the crochet pansy would look lovely attached to a crochet bag or headband, or even a jacket, lots of uses for all the items.Great giveaway.. Hope you and John have a good day.. :))

  4. What a really cute blog! Thank you for stopping and commenting at mine.

    I collect vintage hankies; I just like to have them for eye candy. As far as your other treats, they would probably be used in scrapbooking.

  5. Cute and fun things!! I love the little bag and the vintage hankie! I'm always doing something crafty at one time or another so all these things will come in handy!
    Thanks for stopping by and entering my GP cookbook give away! Good luck!

  6. How sweet of you! I like to put little crochet items on the bags that I make! I would have all kinds of fun with these goodies! Thanks! And thanks for stopping by with a sweet comment! ♥

  7. Hi and thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. What a lovely giveaway -- so many uses for all these goodies; embellishments for cards and gifts and so much more. I don't think I should enter though as Kuwait is sooooooooooooooo very far away and the mail system is very unreliable.

    My mom is in OH. Which area are you in? I see that you are purging and organizing. :/ Organizing was on my to do list but not much got done. You are right -- it does take too long. The boys and I usually head to the States for the summer holiday -- I work at the American school they attend and have to go back on the 14th, only a week away. Yikes! So much for getting things in order around here. Oh well! Crocheting has been much more fun.

    Have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. Hi, what a lovely blog you have and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. A lovely selection for your candy too and I am sure these could be applied creatively to cards either as a feature on the front or in a little pocket inside or to gift wrap, pressies for friends etc (if I could bear to part with them that is! ) I am going to see how to become your follower now. I am not sure just what to do so here goes! Judy x

  9. what a sweet giveaways, would love a chance to win them, i'd definitely will use them for scrapbook or other craft project if i win it, anyways i dont know why the follower button is not there so i cant follow you, will try and go back again...thanks for visiting my blog :) have a great weekend to u too!


  10. Hello. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am happy to have discovered yours. I am not sure if I can enter yout giveaway as I am miles away in the Czech Rep, but if I did win, I would make some sort of hanging or decoration for my new house. xxx

  11. There isn't a follow button that I can see, but you can still follow by clicking follow in the top left hand corner anyway.

  12. Sorry for the confusion about becoming a follower. If you scroll down on the right side there is a heading that says "Follow Aurora Blythe" and you click the button under that says "posts." Or you can scroll all the way to the very bottom of my page and on the bottom right under the white flower it shows all my current followers and has a button that says "join this site." Either way, you become a follower. Hope that helps you! =)

  13. Oh fun... A giveaway. I would probably sit down with my little ladies and see what creative fun we could think up. They are never short on creative ideas. Wishing you a happy Monday! :)

  14. I I'm too late for the giveaway but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your crocheted pansy. It is beautiful and you are so clever.

  15. Hello, and may I first thank you for stopping by at me blog earlier and commenting. I am so glad you did, because I found your lovely blog.
    I hope you are settling into your new space as newly weds (congratulations). I look forward to reading future posts.

  16. I am one of your newest followers. It is so nice to meet you I love your blog and oh my you are also having a giveaway. Lots of creative things comes to mind. From making a pin to making cards etc. So glad you stopped to visit me hope we can visit often.

  17. I hope your giveaway went well! I just wanted to comment on the pansy pin - so cute. Those pansies are quite the hardy flower for being named a pansie. ;-) Have a wonderful day and thank you for including me on your blog roll.


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