Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen Redo Progress

 So, as you can see, the kitchen redo is coming along rather slowly. We have had some unexpected plumbing and car issues arise which set me behind budget wise for a smidge of time. However, I did get notice that I will receive a bit of a raise at work this year (we haven't for a over a year now), so I think I'm going to buy paint this week. Half of the cabinets have been painted white, but the other half are still waiting. There is so much more to move off the shelves on this side of the kitchen that I made sure to leave this side for last. (Terribly lazy of me, I know!)

 Here is the curtain that I sewed together back in May. You may notice an addition to it. I had a sneaky suspicion as I was sewing it together at Mimsie's that it would need to be lengthened in order to cover the dishwasher's gap and my hunch was correct. 

 Thankfully, I all ready had some coordinating fabric in my stash that made for the perfect header to my curtain. I knew from the second I picked up the cheery red print at Zeke's fabric outlet that it needed to be used in my kitchen, but just didn't know where at the time. Problem solved! And rather more quickly than I thought it would be, too. 

 Lucy has always adored hiding behind curtains. They seem to afford her the perfect place to practice her stealthy pounces on unsuspecting prey (mostly John and I, but the occasional moth or beetle are just fine, too). I never anticipated just how fascinated Lucy would be with this newly curtained area. I often walk into the kitchen and smile to see her grey scraggly tail curling out from underneath.

I hope to share more pictures soon. I only have about a week and a half left before the summer starts winding down, so I'd better get to work quickly!

Till next time...